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Family Law Attorneys, Scott Air Force Base, IL

We have represented clients at Scott Air Force Base and throughout the Metro East for years on matters related to Family Law. These legal matters can cause anxiety and worrying about the process or results and can affect your health and well-being. You will love having a law firm that gives priority to your individual interests and you should expect we will use our best efforts to obtain results for you.

We are never too busy to meet or communicate with you in any manner as may be appropriate. You should know that if you are our client we will do our best to make sure your interests are protected and we will vigorously advocate your positions to obtain the best results.


We have vast experience in litigation, including issues involving property, custody, visitation, insurance, tax, maintenance and other matters.


We work through the Court system to ensure that adoption matters are handled correctly in order that problems may be avoided in the future.

Child Custody

We are aggressive and responsive in regard to child custody cases.

Child Support

We have represented clients in regard to obtaining current and back child support and we have represented individuals in regard to defending claims being brought against them in regard to unpaid child support, including by local or state agencies.

International Family Cases

It is not unusual for us to work with clients or attorneys in foreign countries, as may be appropriate under the circumstances.

Paternity Actions

In many situations, especially with children born out of wedlock, parties do not take timely action to establish certain rights or have orders entered by the Court.

Modification of Custody

We emphasize what may be in the best interests of the minor child or children, taking into consideration numerous factors, including the circumstances of the natural mother, the circumstances of the natural father, what is occurring in the lives of the child or children, the ages of the child or children, the preferences and wishes of the child or children, etc.

Protection of Children

Parents wish to protect their children, whether they are the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent. Sometimes actions can be brought requesting ex parte relief, which is relief being requested under exigent circumstances where notice to the other parent may not be given.

Custody Modification

The older the child or children, the more likely the Court may take into consideration the wishes of the child or children in regard to who the child or children believe should have custody, or the type of custody, and/or visitation that the parents should have.

Changes to Visitation

As a practical matter, issues relating to custody, visitation and support can be a source of continuing disputes even though a divorce may have taken place years ago. It has been our experience that on some days in Court there are just as many post-divorce cases pending, as there are cases pending where divorces have not yet been granted.

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When you work with our law firm, you will have access to a family law attorney who is never too busy to meet or communicate with you and who will make sure that you understand the legal process, as we vigorously advocate on your behalf. Please contact one of our St. Clair County Family Lawyers by email or by calling: 618-692-7200.



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